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We'll help your company navigate the benefits and risks of Generative AI

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  • Process optimization
  • Building the company's culture
  • Change Management
  • Ranking of structures


Our team of experts in technology development and research at DRADPA can assist your business in leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Generative AI, Machine Learning, and Graph Data Science to drive innovation and growth. We specialize in developing Responsible AI and have an Ethical AI framework in place to safeguard your business and uphold ethical standards. Let us help propel your business forward in the digital age.

Responsible Innovation is our Specialty

Over 20 years of successively developing and applying Responsible AI solutions  

Ethically Use AI to Enhance  Your Organization's Processes 

Apply Your Knowledge

Leverage Generative AI and Other Technologies to Increase Profits

Increase Your Value

Enterprise Risk Assessments Framework for better AI Governance 

Protect Your Interests

Are we starting today ?

The heart of our business, we will help create a solution for you based on a solid foundation 

AI Strategy & Data Ethics

Our Values

We will develop an action plan with your company for implementation.

We always strive to add value for our customers

Ensuring your company's growth through innovation is an  important goal for us

Always on target, we don't like to waste time and we don't want your company to waste time or money

How we operate, high-speed cooperation - for your success

"DRADPA's mission is to empower executives and entrepreneurs in large organizations with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the benefits and risks of generative AI trends. Through our high-quality tools and services, we aim to help these individuals evaluate, refine, and implement a responsible generative AI strategy for their business."


AI Implementation Strategy Consulting



AI Ethics Assessment Tools


AI Training & Executive Coaching


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