About us

Founded in Florida, USA by Dr. Anderson D. Prewitt, the company specializes in business consulting and helps companies achieve their business goals by applying AI technologies in an ethical and responsible way. DRADPA's mission is to empower executives and entrepreneurs in large organizations with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the benefits and risks of generative AI trends. Through our consulting and high-quality educational media, we aim to help these individuals evaluate, refine, and implement a responsible generative AI strategy for their business.


Since its inception it has helped clients develop strategies to ethically and responsibly implement AI initiatives.  The company has quickly gained a reputation among clients, and their successes were obtained through effective cooperation with experts in the field and teams of dedicated consultants. Within recent years, the company has begun to expand its operations, expanding its offerings to include new services.


Through constant development and improvement of its services, the company has gained recognition among customers, who further recommend it to their friends and business partners. Each year the company has grown more and more, and with it the number of satisfied customers has increased. DRADPA's goal is to be one of the leading players in the responsible AI consulting industry, by employing an effective business strategy and excellent customer service.


Help remove unnecessary procedures.


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